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PT Super Bowl XLVII Pool 2 Quarters Only
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PT Super Bowl XLVII Pool 2 Quarters Only
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Click any available squares to reserve them. Be sure to check the Contest Rules link above for all details about this contest.
Commissioner BMGS (
Paid Player Unpaid Player Available Box
PT Super Bowl XLVII Pool 2 Quarters Only
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5 3 2 0 9 6 4 1 7 8
44 Misciagn. hoop Mrs BMGS Palmer10. skullfck Forbins ChrissyP. FudgeYou. yemalope Blunts
96 TreyIsMy. Mrs BMGS MrsMcGee Heti Yeti Beerwold Blunts bfraim but2fly Jon Gifford Cheesebo
E9 beaner42. fled misciagn. FISHWOL Snootabl. LivingIn. swanglet. altheato. ChrissyP. cmoneyre.
R5 Blunts 2 Forbins mikednyc dougiebu. williemc. FudgeYou. Palmer10. Blunts PHIL Blunts 2
S0 FISHWOL Palmer10. davyboy Backwood. misciagn. BMGS williemc. Beerwolf swanglet. Heti Yeti
2 1strowce. dougiebu. Backwood. Snootabl. swanglet. TrippinB. FudgeYou. Forbins skullfck misciagn.
8 skullfck HoodHave. yemalope Blunts FISHWOL beaner42. Cheesebo LloydDob TrippinB. Southbou. Pachyder.
3 bfraim SimplyOr. Palmer10. HoodHave. Deebo Backwood. Reality TreyIsMy. altheato. mhmil
7 BMGS fled but2fly Backwood. PHIL Reality Forbins Snootabl. nmisciag. LD
1 Blunts Southbou. Pachyder. Backwood. BMGS Reality SimplyOr. Blunts Skootown FISHWOL 1strowce.
* Coordinates randomly drawn: February 2, 2013 at 10:47AM.